Gerris TAXI

S platform

A personal Chauffeur

It’s based on our “S” platform and it’s used for Smart Water Mobility; the stealth design, a GerrisBoats sign, gives to it a disruptive and futuristic look whit traditional lines, and helps to keep low construction costs and to use sustainable materials not easy to shape.

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The line of GerrisTaxi is based on a stealth design, where futuristic and classic natuical lines meet up to create simple surfaces that shape the boat.  Aluminium panels give to the boat the right structural strenght and lightness and they come from recycling processes for a sustainasble design.

Our taxi has many interior layouts, the first one is the driver layout, with one sailor sit and six passenger sits, two of them can be used for disabled people.

The boat can be convertible, without hard top and side windows, to enjoy summer rides at their best and this is possible in every version.
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The main feature of GerrisTaxi is to break down barriers. Thanks to our innovative platform, the boat can reach every pier and stay stable, in this way the access is more comfortable for disabled and strollers or bikes.


The second main layout of our boat is the autonomous driving. Thanks to the collaborations with the informatic company XCally, it’s possible to call our taxi, enter a destinastion and be driven there by the artificial intelligence.

A scalable platform make it possible to have modular taxis in three different size, S, M and L for every number of passengers needed.

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