a new

Torpedo, hulls and foils in synergy

Gerris was truly born from a blank sheet of paper. Shape, features and technology were mutually moulded to meet project requirements.

a new way
to navigate

A new way to ride the waves,
a surprisingly stable navigation,
a truly accessible boat.

Often technology conditions use, asking the person to adapt to the medium.
Gerris asked technology to work for the person, so that navigation is sustainable, stable, safe and easy for anyone to access.

a paradigm shift
in ship production

Applying the platform concept to share and implement useful and sustainable technology

Good, innovative technology is of no use if it is not disseminated and applied.
With Gerris, the way of understanding production in the nautical sector will also change…

OUR Vision

To be the world reference of a new building paradigm for green, accessible and sustainable boats.

Our Mission

To offer standardised platforms for in series construction of a new generation of electric or hydrogen boats with high efficiency and maximum comfort for passengers.

Track Record

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Agreement with Azimut|Benetti Group

The innovative start-up, GerrisBoats and Azimut|Benetti have signed an agreement to develop the “Gerris” platform for tenders and day boats. The agreement is for the construction of a...
cover backtowork24

GerrisBoats crowdfunding on BacktoWork24

We have already cleared the minimum goal after only one week after the start of our first crowdfunding. The campaign will end on July 23th, team up as soon as...

Gerris Boats won MYDA design award

GerrisBoats and GerrisTender slowfoiling accessible yacht tender yesterday won Seatec 18th edition of MYDA design award – new projects section.

GerrisTender, the first nautical application of GerrisBoats

GerrisTender: this is the first nautical application of Gerrisboats innovative hull design, winner of Design Innovation Award at Genoa Boat Show. This version contains another additional feature of our exclusive...
Agreement with Azimut|Benetti Group
GerrisBoats crowdfunding on BacktoWork24
Gerris Boats won MYDA design award
GerrisTender, the first nautical application of GerrisBoats
Design Innovation Award 2021 for GerrisBoats at Genoa's Salone Nautico di Genova 2021
Gerrisboats: high-tech hulls and Safe Foils
Disruptive design
Just imagine Venice without waves
Navetta 38' - new shuttle model
New model Navetta 38'
Gerris Boats on Nautica magazine
2022-06-22 14:41:33
2022-06-22 14:33:19
2022-05-13 15:15:56
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Track Record

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