Gerris Ferry

L platform

The flagship of the fleet

The “L” platform is dedicated to ferries from 80 to 150 seats and for our catamaran yacht. Even here the boat is characterized by a disruptive design, panoramic view and a great comfort for all passengers who will face a long journey to go to work or to spend their freetime.

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GerrisBoats design sign is imprented even in the GerrisFerry, where its minimal and clear shape can fit both in natural landscapes and in those of modern cities.

The interior, like in that of the GerrisShuttle, is all about accomodating passengers in comfort and enjoying the natural elements that surround us. The Hub of our ferry is the bar, a place for conviviality and relax.

Up to 150 passengers can enjoy our services with several sits outdoor.


It can’t fly but thaks to our flaps GerrisFerry can rise up and reduce the drag with the water and this make it more efficent than traditional boats.

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