Gerris Shuttle

M platform

Stylish and comfortable

Our shuttle is based on the “M” platform for a new generation shuttles fleet, including hydrogen ones. The design comes from that of the taxi and it’s characterized by wide windows to have as much natural light as possible and a 360 view on the water to keep more in contact with it.

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The design of GerrisShuttle is the evolution of that of the GerrisTaxi, dynamic lines and simple surfaces that create a characteristic game of lights and shadows.

The interior is characterized by space and light, surrounded by 360 side windows and a top one, to enclose the landscape around. It can accomodate up to 30 sits whit 4 outdoor.

Thanks to the ability to fly, GerrisShuttle saves energy and generates low wakes, it flies at a low urban speed, safely, bearing a higher payload than a traditional foiling boat.

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