the single seater with GerrisBoats technology

This is MotoGerris

MotoGerris is a single seater demonstrator of GerriBoats technology.

It’s a 12′ full electric – foiling water vehicle. As all product envisaged in our range is taking off at low speed (6 knots), has low power consumption and low wave generation.

Moreover it has storage and power systems integrated in an interchangeable submerged body and to improve accessibility side hulls are adjustable in height, both to raise platform height improving accessibility and to represent a safety measure for safe landing in case of physical and electronics faults of fly control systems.

These characteristics has been designed to represent next generation of hull platform for public transportation or for accessible and sustainable leisure boats.
For that reasons we’re planning to built it with recyclable materials.

We’re planning to build and exhibit it at Monaco Energy Boat Challenge 2022, together with the support of our sponsors.