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GerrisTender, the first nautical application of GerrisBoats

GerrisTender: this is the first nautical application of Gerrisboats innovative hull design, winner of Design Innovation Award at Genoa Boat Show. This version contains another additional feature of our exclusive design and...
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Design Innovation Award 2021 for GerrisBoats at Genoa's Salone Nautico di Genova 2021

GerrisBoats won a Design Innovation Award – in multihull category – at Genoa’s Boat Show with following motivation: “For a new concept of hull, servicing a wide range of users....

Gerrisboats: high-tech hulls and Safe Foils

Foils, in recent years, have risen to become a key component for boats competing in nautical competitions. A perfect example being their use during the races run by Luna Rossa...

Disruptive design

Adapting and modifying existing solutions to implement new technologies brings neither efficiency nor true innovation. Electric or hydrogen fuel cell propulsion requires a paradigm shift in the design of certain...

Just imagine Venice without waves

How the project being developed by the start-up GerrisBoats can reduce wave pollution in cities of water and along canals. A genuinely electric water taxi, the fruit of a project...
Navetta 38' - new shuttle model
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New model Navetta 38'

Navetta 38′ – a new model, based on “Gerris” platform, has been publicly presented. It’s a 18 passengers shuttle for public service, battery powered by a 50 kW electric motor....
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Gerris Boats on Nautica magazine

In the Nautica magazine of the month of May there is an article dedicated to the Gerris Boats project. Here is the incipit. Esistono tantissime tipologie di imbarcazioni, quelle plananti...
New members
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New partners in GerrisBoats

Gerrisboats, estabilished in February from inventors Massimo Verme and Roberto Rossi after one year of design and development, today in Chiavari (Genoa), has rised its capital by means of several...

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