Gerris Models


Gerris TAXI

"S" platform used for Smart Water Mobility



"M" platform for a new generation shuttles fleet


Gerris FERRY

"L" platform is dedicated to ferries from 80 to 150 seats


The development of GerrisBoats will follow several paths:

  • a leisure one in collaboration with nautical extraction partners;
  • one about “Smart” transports on demand, the “Smart Water Mobility”;
  • one for the development of environmentally friendly ferries based on a hull platform.                                        


A market analysis has made it possible to identify three standard technical platforms that will be used for our boats.

Gerris Technology


GerrisBoats has developed and patented a disruptive, green and accessible technological platform for the future of Smart Water Mobility.

It’s an intelligent system as it is modular and scalable: different types of vehicle can be developed on the same technical platform and the torpedo, which houses the energy accumulator, is standardized and interchangeable so it can fit different types of propulsion, like an outboard.

Hydrogen combustion


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Our unique platform feature is the full accessibility: it is height adjustable at anchor and remains horizontal and stable while loading side loads or braving the waves when boarding passengers.

This will help disabled or simply disadvantaged people to use GerrisBoats, even outside the standard embarkations.

It flies at low, urban and safe speed, bearing more payload than a traditional foiling boat.


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Gerris News

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Agreement with Azimut|Benetti Group

The innovative start-up, GerrisBoats and Azimut|Benetti have signed an agreement to develop the “Gerris” platform for tenders and day boats. The agreement is for the construction of a first prototype...
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GerrisBoats crowdfunding on BacktoWork24

We have already cleared the minimum goal after only one week after the start of our first crowdfunding. The campaign will end on July 23th, team up as soon as possible with...

Gerris Boats won MYDA design award

GerrisBoats and GerrisTender slowfoiling accessible yacht tender yesterday won Seatec 18th edition of MYDA design award – new projects section.

GerrisTender, the first nautical application of GerrisBoats

GerrisTender: this is the first nautical application of Gerrisboats innovative hull design, winner of Design Innovation Award at Genoa Boat Show. This version contains another additional feature of our exclusive design and...

Gerris Introduction

GerrisBoats is a startup founded in 2021 after two years of technical development, numerous patents filed and prizes. We have signed agreements with relevant companies in nautical sector and  we are now developing our business in many fields, supported by Universities and privates.

Genoa waterfront

This is been possible just merely looking around at our world, what it’s happening…

Nearly 55% percent of us live in urban centers, most of which are polluted with traffic, noise and chaotic landscapes.

Smart Cities projects proposes waterways as a solution to reduce pollution, and most cities on rivers or canals are planning to renovate their waterfront and transportation systems. We also need to think better about the vehicles that will be used. We cannot transform old projects into “electric” and replicate their defects. They need to be rethought for the future!

Blue Loop Pininfarina smart city
Clara smart city

Gerris Mission

GerrisBoats mission is to design, develop and build a new generation of hulls that are green, accessible and intelligent.

Green because a boat with our hull saves energy and generates low wakes; it flies at a low urban speed, safely, bearing a higher payload than a traditional foiling boat.

Accessible as its height is adjustable at anchor and it remains horizontal and stable, even when loading side loads or boarding passengers.

Smart because the hull is as intelligent as it is modular and scalable: different types of vehicle can be developed on the same technical platform; even the torpedo, which also houses the energy accumulator, is standardized and interchangeable, like an outboard.